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Inglês instrumental: You will...

  1. develop detailed knowledge and understanding of electrical and electronic engineering concepts;
  2. be able to apply appropriate quantitative science and engineering tools to the analysis of problems;
  3. possess practical engineering skills acquired through laboratories and workshops, in individual and group work;
  4. develop transferable skills that can be applied in a wide range of scenarios and situations;
  5. be able to develop, monitor an update a project plan, to reflect a changing operating environment;
  6. have the ability to monitor and adjust a personal programme of work on an on-going basis, and to learn independently;
  7. have an understanding of different roles within a team, and [to have] the ability to exercise leadership;
  8. have the ability to learn new theories, concepts, methods etc in unfamiliar situations.
 Você vai:
  1. desenvolver entendimento sobre
  2. ser capaz de
  3. possuir habilidade de
  4. desenvolver habilidade de
  5. ser capaz de aprimorar-se em
  6. ter destreza em; aprender sobre
  7. ter entendimento sobre; ter habilidade de
  8. ter a capacidade de aprender sobre

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