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Skimming: Frontpage

Microsoft got its money's worth when it paid a reported $100 million for Vermeer Technologies, the company that wrote the first version of FrontPage. Webmasters who pay $149 ($109 if yu own Microsoft Office) for Version 1.1 of this dazzling package will also get their money's worth when they use it to build high-powerred, high-tech Web sites without writing a line of HTML code.
FrontPage, a 32-bit program that run on Windows 95 or Windows NT, almost effortlessly builds forms, tables, image maps, frames, and search engines into your Web pages and makes it just as easy to create ordinary links, images, and text.
Instalation is a straighforward matter of following the prompts. About 10MB of your disk is devoted to FrontPage's editing software and template and sample files, and to Personal Web Server, which lets a standalone machine act like an http server. Personal Web Server lets FrontPage navigate the sites you create in the same way a browser navigates remote sites.
FrontPage's editing software comprises two interlinked components: Explorer, which creates and manages full Web sites, and Editor, in which you create pages and links. Explorer displays a site's organization in two panes: a hierarchical outline view and a link view that displays the links to and from individual pages in a wheel-and-spoke format. When you click on a page in either view, the page opens in Editor.
PC Magazine – September 10, 1996

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